Holidays Packages


image sample CARROLIBRE is pleased to be able to propose a one-week vacation or days at your disposal including transport and accommodation, the two fundamental things for those who want to have a safe and support already take advantage of the holidays already just arrived. Najaio Playa - Playa Palenque is the kind of beach where domanicani spend their free time and you can 'taste of the real life Caribeña, is located 5 km from San Cristobal ya 35 Km from Santo Domingo.

The hall is equipped with swimming pools and its ability to have available spaces for parties and evenings with friends.

JEEP 4X4 + Accommodation in hall with kitchen (2 seats)

  • Total cost for 1 day = 65 euro
  • Total cost for 1 week = 430 euro


JEEP 4X4 + accommodation in hall with two residence

with private baths and kitchen (2 - 4 seats)

  • Total cost for 1 day = 95 euro
  • Total cost for 1 week = 640 euro